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CUET Preparation Tips 2024: Strategy, Time Table, Study Material

Anupama Jha


20 Dec, 2023


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The primary advice for individuals gearing up for the CUET entrance exam is to commence their preparation well in advance. To craft a robust study plan for CUET, aspirants should focus on specific key elements, including a thorough review of the CUET syllabus. It is imperative for candidates to actively participate in practice sessions using CUET sample papers, as well as referring to CUET Previous Year Papers, and consistently engaging in CUET mock tests. Adhering to these guidelines not only enhances candidates' preparedness for the exam but also cultivates a deep understanding of crucial CUET exam particulars, such as the exam pattern, types of questions, marking scheme, time management, and various other facets. Prospective candidates are strongly encouraged to explore the entirety of this content for a comprehensive grasp of the preparation strategies tailored for CUET 2024.

How To Prepare For CUET Exam 2024

Aspiring candidates seeking guidance on initiating their preparation for the CUET Exam 2024 are encouraged to keep in mind the following points for a comprehensive overview of the CUET 2024 preparation process.

  • Ensure a comprehensive grasp of the syllabus and exam structure for an efficient CUET exam preparation.
  • Make a proper CUET study Plan
  • Know the CUET Eligibility Criteria
  • Understand the CUET exam pattern 2024.
  • Practise CUETmock tests 2024 regularly- Attempt "cuet free mock test" at CUETMOCK.
  • Solve CUET sample papers 2024.
  • Solve CUET Previous year Question Papers
  • Regularly attempt CUET mock tests

Important things about CUET 2024 before starting CUET Preparation

  • CUET 2024 is an online entrance examination designed for admission to undergraduate programs in various central universities.
  • Class 12 board marks now plays no role in admission to top universities like Delhi University.
  • Mora than 250 central, state, private, and deemed universities, including Delhi University, JNU etc allows CUET as a channel of admissions for the academic session 2024-25 for UG programmes.
  • The CUET application process in only online mode.
  • CUET is a CBT with Multiple Choice Questions and incorporates negative marking.
  • The CUET syllabus is same as the Class 12th syllabus of NCERT books. Thus, there is no need for separate coaching.
  • Students have the option to select subjects according to their Class 12th stream, commonly choosing one language, one general test, and three domain subjects.
  • NTA will release the CUET Answer Key after conclusion of CUET 2024 exam.

Question Allocation in CUET Exam:

    • Language Paper: 40 questions out of 50 (45 minutes).
    • Domain Subjects (except PCM, Accounts & Economics): 40 out of 50 (45 minutes).
    • Domain Subjects - PCM, Accounts, and Economics: 40 out of 50 (45 minutes).
    • General Test: 50 Questions out of 60 (60 minutes).

CUET Syllabus 2024

Prior to commencing preparations for CUET 2024, it is highly recommended that candidates thoroughly review the CUET syllabus for the year 2024. Familiarizing oneself with the CUET 2024 syllabus is a crucial aspect of preparing for the CUET exam. A comprehensive understanding of the syllabus allows candidates to identify the specific topics they need to cover, facilitating the creation of a well-organized and effective study timetable.

Understanding CUET Exam Pattern 2024

Candidates should familiarize themselves with the CUET Exam Pattern before taking the exam. The CUET UG exam pattern for 2024 comprises the following sections -Section IA – 13 Languages

  • Section IB – 19 Languages
  • Section II – 27 Domain-specific subjects
  • Section III – General Test

Domain Test Subjects - 1. Accountancy/ Book Keeping 2. Biology/ Biological Studies/ Biotechnology/Biochemistry 3. Business Studies 4. Chemistry 5. Computer Science/ Informatics Practises 6. Economics/ Business Economics 7. Engineering Graphics 8. Entrepreneurship 9. Geography/Geology 10. History 11. Home Science 12. Knowledge Tradition and Practices of India 13. Legal Studies 14. Environmental Science 15. Mathematics 16. Physical Education/ NCC /Yoga 17. Physics 18. Political Science 19. Psychology 20. Sociology 21. Teaching Aptitude 22. Agriculture 23. Mass Media/ Mass Communication 24. Anthropology 25. Fine Arts/ Visual Arts (Sculpture/ Painting)/Commercial Arts, 26. Performing Arts

Language Test Subjects - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Odiya, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, English, Hindi and Urdu

Optional Language Subjects - French, Spanish, German, Nepali, Persian, Italian, Arabic, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Bodo, Dogri, Maithili, Manipuri, Santhali, Tibetan, Japanese, Russian, Chinese.

Books to be referred for CUET Preparation

Utilizing NCERT books is fundamental for preparing for the CUET exam. For CUET 2024, it is strongly recommended that students prioritize the use of NCERT books. The importance of these books is emphasized by the fact that almost all of the questions in previous years' CUET papers are directly derived from NCERT materials.

Crafting Your CUET Preparation Strategy

Now, let's explore the development of a strategic plan for your CUET preparation:

1. Effective Use of CUET Free Mock Tests:

  • Take "cuet free mock tests" to assess your preparation for CUET 2024.
  • Take advantage of "cuet mock test free" offerings to fine-tune your skills.

2. Leveraging NTA Mock Tests:

  • NTA provides valuable resources like "nta mock tests cuet" for a comprehensive preparation.
  • Explore the benefits of "ntacuetmocktest" to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.
  • Numerous "CUET mock test papers" can be accessed through CUETMOCK.

3. Optimizing CUET Preparation and “CUET Study Material”:

  • Prepare a “CUET time table”.
  • Make a habit of attempting "cuet practice test".
  • A diverse range of "mock tests for CUET" is accessible on CUET, including weekly tests, chapter-wise tests, full subject tests, and All India Tests for practice.
  • Regular attempting of “cuet mock test online” can help you in exam familiarisation and CUETMOCK offers “cuet online practice test”.
  • "cuet practice test online” helps you to simulate exam conditions and can help in overcoming exam anxiety.
  • Identify the "best study material for cuet" by incorporating NCERT books and additional references.
  • Explore "cuet study material" that aligns with your learning style and preferences and practice “mock test for cuet”.

Designing Your CUET Preparation Timetable

Organize Daily Study Sessions:

  • Allocate dedicated time slots for subjects and practice sessions, following a structured "CUET timetable
  • Regularly practice common university entrance test mock tests.
  • CUET aspirants can also attempt "online CUET mock tests by NTA," accessible at

Consistent Practice Sessions:

  • Incorporating "CUET practice tests" into daily routine to strengthen your comprehension.
  • “cuet ug practice paper” is the key to score well in CUET exam.

Analytical Skill Development:

  • Dedicate time to enhance analytical and logical skills through "mock tests for cuet" and “cuet ug practice paper.

Time Management Skills:

  • Incorporate "cuet online practice tests" to refine your time management skills and adapt to the CBT mode.

Final Thoughts: Your Path to CUET Success

In summary, achieving success in CUET depends on a carefully planned strategy, effective time management, and access to appropriate study materials. While following this guide, keep in mind that regular practice, resourceful use of materials, and adherence to a strong timetable will propel you toward excellence.

Explore the variety of mock tests and study materials offered on CUETMOCK to enhance your preparation journey. Best of luck as you prepare for CUET 2024, a crucial step towards realizing your academic aspirations!